Kitang Lungsuranon

The Community Newspaper of Siaton, Negros Oriental

January Issue Kitang Lungsuranon on-line now

The January issue of Kitang Lungsuranon sa Siaton went on-line Saturday, January 21, at 6:40 p.m. Siaton time (that’s GMT +8:00). The hard copy went on-sale last Sunday, January 15. You can access it at We welcome your comments, corrections, contributions.


4 responses to “January Issue Kitang Lungsuranon on-line now

  1. malou May 14, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    this community newspaper is really of great help ilabi na sa mga Siatonon nga anaa sa lagyong lugar nga gusto maka-access sa panghitabo sa lungsod ug sa mga uban pang baranggays…i would like to suggest to make your news more interesting to the readers…do more research over there.conduct interviews, sure there’s a lot of interesting topics, point of views para sa mga talk about…and most of all your visayan grammar is not that good..i think u need to exert more effort to make your visayan grammar a stress free for the readers…..tnx a lot

  2. Concerned Citizen March 10, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    the Layout is not good…

  3. mimi schwarz March 5, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Hello and kumusta mga kabayan,

    Just wondering why this Newspaper Issue has stopped last issue July 2015?To the Crew please advise when is it going to resume publishing? I am one of the follower here overseas. Please keep this great job going it is very interesting and great communication to the Community and the Kabayan in Siaton as a Barangay. I am very proud to say that my roots came from Siaton..I love the place you could not get better Tuna in the world except in SIATON.! Begging you guys pls keep this newsletter going.Visayan language is very sweet to hear when you are residing overseas.
    God Bless and May the POWER be with you guys!

    • kitangsiatanon March 7, 2016 at 8:38 pm

      Dear Mimi Schwarz,
      Thank you so much for kind words and inquiry. We are so happy that you find Kitang Lungsuranon sa Siaton interesting and helpful. I’m sorry that you did not receive notice of issues being published online after July, 2015. The issues were published, but due to an oversight by our internet person (that would be me, Bill Soldwisch, husband of the publisher Susan Monte de Ramos Soldwisch, and yes, I speak only 50 words of Cebuano) there was no announcement in our WordPress blog. So sorry for this omission; it will not happen again. Meanwhile, I’ll add your email to the list of those we notify directly by email when another issue is online. As of now, issues through February 15, 2016 are all online.

      My wife spent many years away from the beautiful sound of Vinisaya, in California, in western Washington State (where they thought she was an Native American, not seeing many Filipinos in those days*, in Costa Rica (where they thought she was Chinese) and Mexico (where they were sure she must be Japanese). She is deeply committed to encouraging people to love and use their beautiful language, and to use it to think through the issues and participate in the democracy of the Philippines.

      Please let us know any of your opinions or comments about any article or about how the paper is presented.

      Thank you,
      Bill Soldwisch

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