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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Isyu Hunyo 15, 2013 now online

The June 15, 2013 issue is now online at The next issue is at the printers and will come out June 30, though we’ve decided to be like magazines and post date our issues, so we will call it the Isyu Hulyo 15, 2013 (which date the next issue will come out – I guess the idea is that the old issue expires just as the new one comes out). We’ll get the next issue on line two or three days after the printed copies are at the distributors, to give them a chance to sell some. We welcome your comments.

OK, we’ve got the pdf file of the

OK, we’ve got the pdf file of the June 15, 2013 issue online; the format of separate articles and pictures will follow. Go to  to download the 1.5 MB pdf file. 

We’re back!

After almost a year Kitang Lungsuranon sa Siaton came out June, 15, 2013. The new format is only 4 pages but to be published twice a month. We are currently putting the June 15 issue online. Look for it soon.