Kitang Lungsuranon

The Community Newspaper of Siaton, Negros Oriental

Kitang Lungsuranon online again

The issues of Kitang Lungsuranon sa Siaton through February 28, 2018, are now online at

There is a pdf file for each issue that can be viewed online or downloaded.


If you go to and get an older version,
refresh the page by clicking on the clockwise circle arrow to the left of
the address block in Chrome, or to the right of the address box on Mozilla
Firefox and MS Internet Explorer.)

Sorry for the months-long hiatus of online publishing. (All it took was for one person to mention they missed it, and here it is again.)

Comments? Corrections? Suggestions. Make them here at
We’d really appreciate it, especially problems with the web.

Grace and peace,
Bill and Susan Soldwisch


One response to “Kitang Lungsuranon online again

  1. Vince Ragay March 21, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    Maayong Adlaw mga Siatonon!

    Daghang salamat sa mga istorya gikan sa atong Siaton.

    Naa ra koy gamay nga request kaninyo. Ingon ni Grace, dunay article siya nga na-post about the legend of Don Antoy.
    Palihog kog link unta sa article, kay ga-research ko sa atong mga myths and folk tales sa Negros ug Siquijor.

    More power! Daghang salamat.

    Vince Ragay

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